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Why Do I Doula?

Posted 11/6/2017

Doula - from ancient Greek “a woman who serves”. It now refers to a non-medical professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a family throughout their pregnancy journey and beyond.

Before I found myself pregnant, I had only heard the word ‘Doula’ a handful of times. I assumed it was some sort of backwoods midwife and never gave it much thought.

I had always imagined giving birth, lying on my back in a hospital bed with a doctor, nurses and husband by my side. When my sister in-law was in labour, I walked the hospital halls with her in my brothers absence (he was buying a trailer or some such other thing that caused him to leave...priorities right? haha) and I always left before the birth as per her wishes. I figured I was pretty well informed.

At 33 weeks pregnant, we were taking prenatal courses at the hospital we had chosen and I was discovering that maybe I didn’t know as much about birth as I had thought. Stages of labour? Pre-labour lasting a possible 2 weeks?!?!? What’s this transition they talk about? That is when the word ‘Doula’ really caught my attention, our instructor was a Doula and had some very interesting stories to tell. Even though I had a slightly better understanding, I didn’t think I needed the extra support. I soaked up all of the information I could from her and walked away confident that my labour would go smoothly. Boy, was I wrong. (read about my labour in another note)

After a whole week in the hospital, we brought home a beautiful little boy that lights up our lives every day. Even so, I was left with some regret about the experience and a WHOLE lot of questions and what if’s. I wanted to learn more about how I could have prevented my cesarean section and how I could prevent others from having the same experience. I immediately looked into becoming a Doula but with a new little one and a new understanding of exhaustion, I wasn’t ready. 9 months later, an advertisement for a Bebo Mia Maternal Support Practioner informational webinar popped up on my Facebook feed. I was intrigued and decided to go for it. I loved them, they were everything you could ask for in instructors and it was so convenient to be able to do it online and at my leisure. I immediately enrolled in their course, and have been broadening my horizons ever since.

I’ve already learned so much and am excited to take more courses to add to my resume. But the thing that excites me the most, is that I get to help Mothers and Fathers to get the birth experience they want. This has become my passion.

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